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  • MPC-250 Rotary Ampoule Labeling Vachine

    Conveying bottle system uses Discal Guide Conveying System. Conveying bottle is steady and exact. Back section,automatic pushing bottle system ,is convenient for collecting ,tidying and packing finished product.
  • Planar Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine (VPC-PS)

    Planar Self-Adhesive labeling machine is applicable for the surface labeling for various paper boxes ,cartons,batteries,cosmetics and etc, such as anti-counterfeiting labels, bar codes so on.
  • Labeling machine for Carton(VPC-L)

    VPC-L is used to paste one label on flank of big carton, such as Carton, Package tile and so on.You can connect our machine with the line of production or operate by single.
  • Print and Apply Labeling System(VPC-110P)

    Print and Apply Labeling System can be pre-printed labels for labeling well,and print product based on the collected information, when the product running to the labeling positing ,we carry out labeling , reaching one-to-one labeling purpose. lt provides an effective implementation tools for the various logistics monitoring applicating lf can put goods packaging information, related Article language , code and bar code affixed to the form printed
  • Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine(VM-400)

    Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine is widely used for the labeling of round containers in food,medicine,fine chemical and etc , such as oral liquid bottles, ampoule bottles,syringes,needle tudle sleeves ,batteries,hoses,cultural supplies and so on. This machine adopts servo motor for control. The human-machine touch screen is convenient and easy to operate;the rich failure display can realize high-speed labeling.
  • Sticker Orientation Labeling Machine (VPC-DW)

    Sticker Orientation Labeling Machine is widely used for the labeling of the round odjects as food, medicine, daily chemical and so on. Lt can work independently or connecting to the production line. ln addition,it is equipped with air-powered glued glue pump and label shortage warning device.
  • Vertical Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine(VPC-AS)

    ertical Self-Adhesive Iabeling machine is mostly applicabie for the automatic labeling of column package comtainers for mercine, daily chemical, food, cultural supplies, electronics and etc. it can automatically check the length of labels and is equipped with warning device of insufficient labels,broken labels and no chromatapes.The touch screen is easy and visual to operate.Inaddition , it has rich help fonctions and failure display functions.
  • VLB Semi Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

    ○Imported electromagnetic clutch, high accuracy. ○Advanced alloy anode treatment, longer use life. ○Famous Motor can meet the big load, long operation time. ○Each parts made from Stainless steel.
  • VS Series Shrinkable Labeling Machine

    Main engine: size 1100x1300x2000mm; Main engine: production speed 100bottes/min 250bottes/min400bottes/min; Main engine: power supply 380V220V; Main engine: power 1-2.5KW;