vial filling machine ( perfume filling machine)

Vial Filling Machines are mainly usedin Pharmaceutical,Ophthalmic,Biotech,Essential oil,Emulsion,Lotion,Perfume,Animal health and related industries.


Summarize of machine:

 Vial Filling Machines are mainly usedin Pharmaceutical,Ophthalmic,Biotech,Essential  oil,Emulsion,Lotion,Perfume,Animal health and related industries.
     This perfume filling machine gathers mechanism, pneumatics & electricity with high autoimmunization & rate of finished product and wide adaptability & stability.
      This machine has the functions such as automatically screw bottle feeding, bottle detecting as filling with bottle or stop filling without bottle, cap falling and cap pressing etc. it runs more steady with lower noise & higher rate of finished product, easy maintenance and both in safety & steady. It is completely meets the gmp as the most ideal medicine filling-sealing machine. we can design & manufacture expert for the especial bottles.

The environment requirements of machine installation 
※        Control environment temperature at 5℃~40℃;

※        The machine has to be installed inside and well control the environment temperature & humidity, no dangerous exploder nearby. The installation site have to be met the machine design requirement that is smooth & no incline;                 

※         No strong electromagnetism disturb;

※         No noxious powder or smoke.
As a result of the perfume packing way's difference, needs the solution please to contact with us!

Machine specification :  
Filling volume:  2~10ml
Filling speed:  50bottles/min
Filling precision: ≥99%
Finished product rate of cap drop:  ≥99%
Main machine power:  1KW 220V stepless shift